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Kodak Film Camera Motorized S-88

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Brand: Kodak

Motorized S88 Kodak Film camera 

  • Easy Film loading and operating
  • Powerful flash output and wide coverage area
  • Flash spreads to illuminate larger areas
  • Prevent or minimize the "Red eye" Impact
  • Reduced size and light weight body 
  • Prevent accidental picture-taking 
  • Multiple choices of flash function to maximize the capturing quality

Key Features

  • Motor-driven: Automatic loading, winding, Easy film loading, and operating and rewinding
  • Unique flash reflector design
  • Red Eye Function
  • Single battery power supply
  • Slide switch with two flash options: Flash or no flash 

Production specification:

Film Format: 135 film (35mm)

  • ISO 200 / 400/800
  • Optical lens: Focal length =31mm; Aperture F=10; 1 element
  • Focusing:  fixed focus; 1.0 meter - ∞
  • Shutter Speed:  1/125 s
  • Film handling: Automatic loading, winding and rewinding
  • Power source: 1AA – Alkaline battery ( Lithium battery is highly recommended)
  • Battery life: 6 rolls of 24exp film ( or 4 rolls 36exp. film)
  • Flash: Built-in flash, Slide switch with three options
  • Flash distance: 1 – 3 meter
  • Flash Modes: Fill flash, Flash defeat
  • Recycle time: 8 – 11 sec ( depends on battery type)
  • Red Eye Reduction function: Red LED and frame design
  • Lens cover shutter: Power switch On/ Off and Fill flash / Flash defeat selection
  • Dimensions: 110mm(W) x 62mm(H) x 38mm(D)
  • Weight: 123g
  • Main Plastic Material: ABS
  • Film and battery not included