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Allgood Nutrition High Protein Custard with Chunks

Allgood Nutrition High Protein Custard with Chunks

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Brand: Allgood Nutrition

High Protein Custard with REAL food pieces. This Protein Custard is like no other. All natural, all Functional & all DELICIOUS. Smooth & creamy, with


15+g Plant Protein per serve

Low in Carbohydrates

Low in Sugar

Rich Vitamins & Minerals

High in Fibre

All Natural Colours & Flavours

Coconut MCT (GoMCT)

Better for you snack option

Fast & Easy Dessert or Snack

100% Plant Based & Natural


What does it taste like?


This ain't your average Cherry Choc - it's smooth, decadent and super moorish. Expect delicious in every bite with chocolate pieces & the nostalgia of a Cherry Ripe bar.


*** for Cookies & cream variant use this paragraph in place of the one above.


This ain't your average Cookies & Cream - it's smooth, decadent and super moorish. Expect delicious in every bite with crushed Oreos & White Chocolate notes throughout!


It tastes like it shouldn't be good for you, but don't worry we made sure it is. No need to compromise - taste or healthy - we've made it both!


High Protein Custard CHUNKS is also very versatile - try making it thicker and using as a delicious high Protein icing for cakes or cookies. Also works very well in balls, smoothies & other cooking - the options are limitless.


How High Protein Custard CHUNKS

can help you.


Whether you're trying to lose weight, eat better or simply prefer that healthy life, this better for you dessert option is a winner every time. It's fast, easy to make and comes with 10 generous & tasty serves.


Functional benefits of High Protein Custard CHUNKS;

High in Plant Protein - a complete protein source from a combination of Pea & Fava Bean Proteins.


High in Fibre - helping to maintain a healthy digestive system and healthy gut bacteria, essential to good mind & body health.


Rich in Vitamins & Minerals - B6 and B2, niacin, molybdenum, zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, choline, folate and calcium.


Low Sugar & Low carbohydrates - We've use 100% natural flavours & sweetners (we're not like the others) and acheived a truly memorable taste experience. Less of the bad stuff and more of the good. Delicious doesn't mean it needs lots of sugar, and here's your proof.


Good Fats - a healthy, high quality fat source - we've used the best brand named GoMCT (Coconut MCT) which uses C8 fats (the really good ones!)


Functional Foods - are foods that have additional health benefits beyond their nutritional value.


How to make it.


High Protein Custard CHUNKS is ready in only 30 seconds. Simply add 1 scoop into a bowl with 80ml of milk or water & stir until desolved. Want it thicker or runnier? Add liquid or powder until desired consistency is reached!


Hot tip: Try this Protein Custard with almond coconut mylk, it is insanely good!

High Protein Custard CHUNKS - out now!